We provide Talent & Leadership solutions

We provide Executive Search, Interim Management and Leadership Advisory Services to boards, senior management teams, and investors for companies going through transformation and growth.

Our services

Executive Search

Identify, qualify, and secure the right leaders through our Executive Search, Talent & Market Mapping and Leadership Assessment services.

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Interim Management

Leverage our extensive network of flexible resources and leaders of 5,000 referenced Interim Managers across Europe.

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Leadership Advisory Services

Confidently navigate the job market and prosper in your career through our executive outplacement and coaching services.

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Interim Management

We provide Interim Management solutions for Top & Middle Management positions across the UK and continental Europe. This service is dedicated to meeting client needs across the reactive and ad hoc placement of operational interim managers in order to strengthen teams and deal with urgent situations.

We can leverage our extensive network of flexible resources and leaders, consisting of 5,000 referenced Interim Managers, all selected following a thorough evaluation and qualification process.

  • Top & Middle Management
  • Recruitment pool of 5,000 qualified interim managers
  • Over 500 interim missions completed over the past decade
  • 150 clients (Large Corporations & SMEs)
  • 48h to fill an urgent need

Leadership Advisory Services

Executive Outplacement

We supply outplacement services for Executives wishing to become Interim Managers or Independent Consultants. Our team includes certified coaches who will support Executives for 12-month assignments by providing assistance on their posture transitioning to Interim Management. We have delivered over 500 Outplacements of Executives and Senior Managers during the past decade.

  • Top Management
  • 500 Outplacements of Executives and Senior Managers over the past decade
  • Strong differentiation outplacing Executives wishing to become Interim Managers or Independent Consultants

Executive Coaching

We also offer coaching services in the following contexts: 

Career Coaching

We provide highly focused career change and career acceleration sessions to help individuals effectively navigate their career.


We help individuals understand and meet their performance objectives by coaching their posture and communication with key stakeholders.


We support individuals assigned to new leadership roles throughout the first 90 days of their onboarding period.


We assist clients assess and coach potential candidates for upcoming senior management positions within the organisation.

Why Cormis Partners?

Synergetic Talent & Leadership Solutions
We offer complementary Talent & Leadership solutions throughout Leaders’ careers, covering Executive & Interim recruitment, Career development and Career transition in order to deliver performance to our clients.

Personal Approach & Tailored Service
We create authentic and long-term relationships with our clients based on trust. We take the time to gain a deep understanding of each brief and its broader context. We proactively liaise with clients and candidates to ensure an optimal fit for every assignment and provide clients with the latest market insights.  

Diversity & Inclusion
We believe in fair opportunities and are committed to creating multicultural teams compatible with our clients’ organisations, providing the most qualified, diverse, and inclusive candidate selection available by addressing:

  • Gender equality
  • Minority groups
  • Physical conditions

Access Talent Without Restrictions
Unlike bigger firms we can access the best talent around the world without geographical restrictions or restraints contacting off-limit organisations.

Best-in-Class Methodology
Our approach combines traditional recruitment with the latest and most innovative tools compliant with the European GDPR regulation.

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