Multiple appointments in the Middle East

International Civil Works Main Contractor


Our client develops, designs, and builds major civil engineering structures and buildings, either public or private, in the Middle East. As a general contractor, they are active in various fields, including tunnels, highway, rail infrastructure, construction, water treatment and the environment. They undertake complex major infrastructure projects, along with any associated services, in the Arabian Peninsula.

Some of their recent iconic projects include multi billion Euros highway, tramway, and underground rail infrastructures.

Client's Needs

The client needed to successively appoint a range of Project Directors, Functional, Technical and Operational Executives in the context of a multicultural joint venture (JV):

  • Human Resources Director
  • Chief Operating Officer for the delivery of a €5 bn capex infrastructure portfolio
  • Project Director of a metro line (€2 bn capex)
  • Project Director of a highway (€1 bn capex)
  • Technical Director, multi-Rail systems of a turnkey tramway project (€2.3 bn capex)

Key search challenges

  • Delivering these search assignments to a tight timeframe due to the early departure of incumbent or in the context of succession planning
  • Focus on candidates’ combined skills in both civil works and multi-rail systems in addition to proven experience on major turnkey rail projects
  • Secure truly impactful individuals, with an operational track record in solving organisation and logistics issues on large and complex projects (strong commercial and contractual skills) coupled with the ability to operate within multicultural JVs
  • Delivering quality outcomes, while handling international search assignments through extensive remote/virtual interviewing and referencing

Cormis Partners Strengths

Strong processes, fast and agile team

Deep expertise in major turnkey transportation and infrastructure projects

Broad ranging and well-established international network

Robust and thorough qualification and assessment methodology successfully leveraging new technologies 


For these multiple assignments we sourced, assessed, and produced world-class talent from the United Kingdom, Europe, Americas, Asia, and Australasia, as well as from the international diaspora already leading other megaprojects in the middle eastern region.

After these global searches, and intense client-side interview processes, international Project Directors and Executives were successfully placed in all the roles.

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